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4 Ethical Rules SEO Professionals Must Adhere To

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In today’s era of digital marketing, SEO experts possess a solid understanding of the online market which helps them to deal with clients. They are able to inform the client about every development and provide an end-to-end support. However, with the market getting filled with SEO companies that employ black-hat SEO techniques, it is important to recruit professionals with higher standards.

Professional SEO experts, such as Tayloright always abide by the ethical laws of online marketing. They constantly try to build a trustworthy relationship with their clients and make the SEO industry amazing with time. Take a look at few rules and regulations that every SEO professional must follow:

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Stick to White Hat SEO Tactics

As the search engine algorithms keep on changing, some SEO marketers apply black hat tactics to get top results in a short period of time. These techniques were acceptable a few years back, but now practicing them can get websites heavily penalized by Google and your site might get banned from the SERPs. Hence, for creating a long-lasting groundwork for success, you must concentrate on applying white hat SEO techniques.

Keeping the Client Illuminated

Even though they will eventually get penalized by major search engines like Google, some clients often insist on using unethical tactics for getting instant online visibility. Being professionals in the SEO field, they should always inform the client about the potential dangers of employing such techniques. It is the duty of SEO experts to educate the clientsabout all the aspects of SEO and provide them with regular reports. They must tell the clients that SEO is an ongoing process and its success does not happen overnight, instead of harming their website.

Transparency Is a Must

Business owners whether big or small, approach to SEO companies for various reasons. There are mainly two reasons behind that – Firstly, SEO professionals are experienced enough to see and understand the digital market, and secondly, businessmen do not have the time or skill to handle their online project on their own. Transparency must be considered for maintaining a proper SEO campaign. Clients should be informed about all the latest SEO trends and how facilities like link building and content management would be offered to them. Being open about all aspects will help in building a better client relationship.

Make Sure that Clients Own Every Project Asset

Some SEO marketing agencies create digital assets named under their own accounts instead of the clients’. This is completely an unethical practice. Some of the important assets of an SEO project include Google Analytics, domain name, social media profiles, PPC accounts, Bing Webmaster tools and many more. In case of any breach of the contract, the client will be forced to start everything right from the beginning. So, it is crucial to help the client own all the elements of their online project.


It is the responsibility of SEO professionals to ensure that clients get the best service at the most reasonable rates. If you are looking for an SEO firm, follow the above-stated norms and find an ethical SEO company for your business.

Author Bio – Maria Jones is an SEO expert who currently resides in New York. She has been closely working with fellow SEO professionals at Tayloright and learned a lot about their work. She manages her own blog for the last four years.