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8 Smart Online Marketing Techniques to Generate More Business Leads

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Let it be a product or a brand which you are trying to promote, and you may fail if no one comes to know about it. You can make the best web pages possible and put forth the best prices, but none of these matters if there are no practical ways to take it to real people.


The online marketing philosophy is simple as those having more number of leads win. Of course, it is easier said than done. However, the real experience is that even if you have an average product but succeed to generate more leads, still you win.


A high number of leads means more prospects, better chance to pursue the target group people, and in turn more revenue. More revenue inevitably means more profit, and this is how the game goes.


To be smart on this, you need to know the most relevant and updated strategies for online marketing and lead generation strategies which the successful digital marketers try out. Further, in this article, we will discuss such top approaches suggested by experts.


Top tips suggested by digital lead generation experts


#1. Engage directly with leads


As in case of offline marketing, direct user engagement is the No.1 strategy in the digital lead generation too. Most of the successful brands try direct engagement like FAQs, but this is not always the best mode of direct engagement.


Direct engagement is more likely to engage with the real customers through platforms like live chats, help centers, and user forums. Wherever you can deploy customer service experts all the time to ensure that all the related queries are appropriately handled will ultimately work as lead generation sources. The better you can engage customers of your target group, better the word-of-mouth publicity will be and so as the number of leads.


#2. Inbound and outbound marketing


As per the research stats, outbound seems to be more efficient when compared to inbound marketing. Even though experts suggest outbound over inbound, it does not mean that you should avoid inbound. Try to develop a strategy which proper these two in a balanced way, which can be helpful in generating a fair number of leads and in turn help your business grow.


Personalizing the e-mail communication is one reliable method for inbound marketing to get people engaged by sharing informative and supportive content and solving customer problems online. This direct mode of one-to-one communication will help you establish healthy relationships with prospective customer group and generate more leads through that channel.


#3. Publish and optimize informative content


It is an undeniable fact that content is the all-time best source for web traffic, which can be routed to win more leads. However, this is not possible with any random content but needs carefully crafted informative content.


You need to invest time and money also to hire expert content developers as quality content will surely be an asset as it attracts potential traffic to your pages for a long time. Try to make it more attractive and informative alike by including images, user-friendly infographics and video as necessary and also prompt the readers to share the content if they find it interesting to enhance engagement.


#4. Finding more leads on Twitter


Many are not aware of the potential of Twitter in lead generation. Leads Junction content experts suggest that with the help of tools like Followerwonk, you can check various aspects like the information about your followers, the time of follower tweets, based on which you can better reach to the most the prospective audience and plan for follow-ups.


#5. Learn and invest in newer technologies


The market is changing fast, and you will see technologies evolve and unroll time to time. We can see that smartphones are now trending across the globe and majority of the people access the internet from their phones now rather than PCs and laptops. So, the primary focus in terms of online marketing efforts should be compatible with the requirement of these devices like displaying promotional content responsively to fit any screen and make your e-mail and social media campaigns mobile friendly.


Similarly, you need to keep a close eye on all emerging technologies and channels through which you can generate more business leads.


#6. Tap the database sources


There are plenty of providers online and offline who can share a vast database of potential leads for your business. The professional lead collection services have their own ways to college and categorize leads to be quickly and efficiently used by companies of various industries. B2B leads will have a list of potential companies with contact information and other relevant details so you can identify the most potential leads in minimum time. Accessing such lead DBs may help business to increase your sales by 20 to 25%.


#7. Linkedin marketing for lead generation


As we know, LinkedIn is more of a professional and business-centric social platform. With this specialty, it can also be an excellent platform for getting new clients through proper business networking. However, LinkedIn is not just for businesses, but it also allows users, and mostly you can focus on high profile individual users through this platform. LinkedIn is also an ideal channel for you to publish content to already engaged audience.


#8. Marketing automation


Marketing automation up to an extent will help you to be active in the always thriving online space, be connected to the existing and upcoming users, and generate leads round the clock. There are many applications like Drip available now, which offers practical marketing automation through.


Many of the engagement activities like mailing and marketing pop-ups can be automated based on the customer priorities. You have automated options to collect the consumer information and also take them through the initial phases of conversion through automated engagement activities in an autopilot mode.


Some other random tips


Along with the critical strategies above, you can also try some random approaches for an online lead generation as:

  • Answer industry-relevant questions on Quora.
  • Comment on the blogs of others in your niche
  • Do guest blogging at out sites
  • Do email marketing persistently
  • Engage with surveys, contests, quizzes, and games
  • Interview the influencers and connect with them
  • Focus on video sharing through channels like YouTube
  • Offer some free software, e-books, or tools on your site by collecting customer info


However, lead generation is only the first step of online marketing. Maturing a lead and ultimately converting it into a thriving business requires much more focus and strategy, which we will discuss in the forthcoming articles.