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Climb the Ladder of Success with Free SEO Tools

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For fresh minds out on a business venture it can be really challenging to save money on their SEO campaigns. The key to preserve quality SEO while struggling to fit the campaign into budget can be really difficult. If you are facing such a conundrum with your startup marketing funds and strategies, it is time you tried using a few premium but free SEO tools that are tailor-made for budding start-ups.

Free SEO tools

You can completely rely on the new SEO tools that are developed by experts to help you boost SEO, and at the same time, save big bucks. SEO needs to be smart and timely.It does not necessarily have to be extremely expensive as well.

We say keep using the following SEO tools till you pool up enough profit to invest in a proper paid SEO plan and better tools:

  1. BufferBuffer is a uniquetool that can schedule all your social media campaigns and interactions. This tool helps you post your content at the best and busiest time of the day so that your message can reach out to all your fans, clients and customers. You can consolidate all your social media accounts to your Buffer account. It has a powerful content management system of its own that allows you to post photos, videos and images along with your black and white text through your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Screaming Frog–This is a legendary free tool that possesses the power to crawl through entire websites to collect data necessary for your website or app maintenance. You can rely on Screaming Frog to fish out 404s and low quality backlinks on your website before they cause some real damage to your search engine rankings. If you are all in for keeping your enemies closer, Screaming Frog is definitely your weapon. You can use this free tool to spy on your competitor websites and use the data to revise your startup marketing strategies.
  • Google Tools –How can a free SEO tool list be complete without Google Tools? This is one useful yet debatable arsenal of SEO tools that can be used to monitor your website activities, performance and rankings in Google SERPs. It holds a cornucopia of tools including Google Webmaster, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdwords Planner, GoogleTrends and PageSpeed Insights. The basic version of all these tools are free and can be used to monitoring SEO related content.
  1. SimilarWebSimilarWeb is a fun and useful freeware that keeps you updated with data and news from your website, your competitors and customers as well. This is a dreamcometrue software for many start-ups that want to streamline their content for a target audience, and at the same time befriend all popular search engines. All the info is displayed in the form of easy-to-read graphs and reports that make process easier and adds a visual element to it as well.
  2. Rocket Ranking Rocket Ranking is a wonderful and free SEO solution for start-ups that are struggling with both SEO strategies and marketing budgets. Rocket Ranking has an on-page SEO optimizer and SEO backlink optimizer to boost search engine optimization of the content. Keyword Profit Calculator and social media tools are added perks of using this tool that itself is free and has all premium features that can be unlocked with a nominal quarterly fee.
  3. MozMoz is a SEO tool suite that has gradually claimed the same pedestal as Google SEO tools with its efficiency and optimization abilities. Moz offers all users a free trial that offers a glimpse of your website’s optimization, keyword status, SEO backlinks and broken URLs (if any). In order to activate and retain most premium features, you will need to pay a minimum fee. However, the free version is actually enough for most start-ups since it offers keyword tracking, keyword monitoring, link tracking and on-page optimizations for each of your web pages.
  • MergeWordsMergeWords is heavily relied upon by start-up owners and website builders for keyword research. This tool is completely free for all users. It has the ability to combine a set of words automatically so as to put forth all keyword combinations, domains and possible search queries related to your topic/web page. MergeWords is quite efficient for search domains and queries for link building purposes.
  • Netpeak SpiderThis is one tool that is a working alternative to ScreamingFrog. Netpeak Spider is perfect for all start-ups since it offers a 14 day trial period absolutely for free. There are upgrades and premium services reserved for paid users. From tracking analytics to detecting broken links,Netpeak Spider give you stellar SEO research and marketing software tools for free. You can also use this one for detecting 404s, optimization of title tags, header tags and meta tags, and verification of internal links.
  1. Majestic SEOThis wonderful tool helps you keep in touch with your competitor’s ranks and strategies. All you have to do is share the URL of your competitor alongside your website link and get a detailed analysis of their SEO, sitemap and ranking details. This gives you a good understanding of keyword distribution and variations as well. You can upgrade for availing premium services at a nominal quarterly fees.
  2. SEMrushAlthough not completely free,SEMrush has a few features that can be used without paying a dime. Also, you can choose to create an account with their server and get 14 days free trail of the different tools and services SEMrush has to offer. It is a versatile and intelligent suite for devising new SEO strategies and data marketing.

It is a common belief that paid SEO services and tools offer better features and functionalities as compared to the free ones. While this is true in many cases, the ten tools mentioned above will definitely change your views about SEO freeware.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk heads a noted digital search engine optimization firm. His services are headquartered in Minneapolis but he spends a lot of time moving around the country, and working with different teams to update digital marketing strategies of different organizations. You can find his work based in multiple cities like Minneapolis, New York, Boston, Los Angeles SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing and much more.