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Creating SEO Presentation with Power Point Templates

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now the most cost-effective and successful online marketing technique with global reach. However, as successful as it is, SEO is also the most challenging thing to get right. There are plenty of SEO resources aiming at the marketers who in turn have to ask the apt questions to get the best results.

Preparing an SEO presentation is also a challenging affair. However, it is mandatory for someone who wants to make the clients understand its relevance and various aspects. Here, we will discuss some essentials of it for the SEO specialists to understand.

Tips for SEO specialists

There is no doubt that success in SEO is fully dependent on the user understanding of the most relevant ranking factors in SEO, which can take a site to the best position and make it perform better than its competitors.

Some of the basic things to be included in the SEO Power Point templates are:

  • Definition of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO), primarily aims at achieving the top position in the organic listing of search engine results pages (SERPS) against a range of relevant keywords or keyword combinations used by the users.

  • Major benefits of SEO

It is essential to list out the benefits of SEO.

  1. Target specific – Users searching for particular products or services at a particular region have specific intention to make a purchase.
  1. Low cost – There are no such media costs or ad posting costs involved. Investment into the optimization process itself can work in your favor to get results.
  1. Dynamic – Search engine crawlers will gather the updated information from your latest content pages to upgrade your ranking and relevance.

While making a client presentation, it is highly relevant to make it in a flow chart template discussing about the SEO benefits along with a few disadvantages (such as

lack of its predictability, time consuming, complexity etc.) to make it more relevant. A flow chart template is something which can provide a better understanding of how SEO works step by step.

  • SEO Toolkit

You can also try including some relevant reference materials like:

  1. Ebooks on SEO.
  2. SEO analysis and reporting video tutorials.
  3. A few marketing templates on SEO.
  4. On-page SEO templates and copywriting templates for Google as well as other leading search engines.
  5. SEO proposal template.

While making a marketing presentation, it is also relevant to show some statistics such as SEO popularity statistics, customer search behaviors, Google search rates by positions, mobile search volumes, which almost doubles year after year, most popular search engines in uses and also world wide, turn over of the sites that are at No.1 position.

It is ideal to list out some of the major tools in order to assess the performance and improvement of SEO. Some examples include:

  1. Key phrase demand analyzing tool.
  2. Ranking analyzing tool.
  3. Backlink analyzing tool.
  4. Keyword density analyzing tool etc.

While developing presentations for specific business clients, it is also important to make it industry specific by including the topics relevant to the nature of the business and effective SEO strategies for the particular niche.

Author Bio: Janet Walter is an SEO specialist cum content writer, who used to post articles and flow chart template presentations on search engine optimization strategies on various websites and blogs.