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Effective SEO Tips for Social Media Marketers

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social media seo tips

The social media and SEO are always inter-connected with each other.  Specially, the visual platform called Instagram influences a lot in the search engine rankings. So it is very essential that the social media professionals know the right ways of marketing to increase the search engine ranks.

The Tips

Profiles In The SERP:  Though essential for every brand, specially the social profiles are useful for the local businesses like salon, lawyers, dentists etc. When the users are searching something about your brand, the result will be visible in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you can maintain proper optimization of the social media profiles, you can definitely take more space in the results page. If you are optimizing properly, the first page of SERP will surely contain at least 2 of the 10 spaces.

Index The Posts Of Social Media:  The search engines generally index the social media posts. Google and Twitter has an agreement that the Tweets can be integrated at the deeper levels of the search engine results.

  • Pinterest Long Tail SEO: Your website may not be that competitive with branded sites. But with the help of social media marketing process, you can make your site visible. The Pinterest boards can help you to show up the pins in a nice way.
  • Instagram Posts: This visual platform increases the visibility and therefore helps in the indexing of the search engines. Your posts must be appealing so that the audience is attracted towards them and you can increase the number of Instagram followers very easily.
  • Twitter Google Integration: Some of the social media platforms collaborate with each other for providing the best results. You can show up the long tail keywords through Pinterest or Twitter and can surely provide the signal to Google.

Obtain Inbound Links:   There can be various methods of earning the inbound links towards your site. You can obtain the links with the help of email marketing, broken link building, outreach marketing and many other ways. The content can also be spread through social media in the following ways:

  • You can mention people and tag them in your social media posts
  • Sharable content can be created with the round up posts or tips and guidelines
  • You can also share your own content at the optimal times when the users visit the platforms mostly.

Personalized Search:   When everyone is looking for the same topic, you are required to personalize the search to obtain better results. You can use the Google+ platform for personalizing the search through the social media. If you are following any user in Google+, the search results will be visible through the public posts when you are showing the relevant content according to the searches.

Social Media Trends:  You must be updated with the latest social media trends. While determining the relevancy as well as the search engine ranks, trends can be considered as one of the deciding factors. As more and more people are looking for your brand names, the company is getting more popular and authoritative within the search engines. Try focusing on the creation and sharing of appealing content which appears to be trendy. Your website name or the company name must be identified with a unique logo or brand image.

Social media and SEO can be integrated with each other with the help of the marketing professionals. The techniques and the skills which are used for increasing the position in the search engine results page can also be applied for creating the social media presence. If you can maintain the visibility, you can obtain the best from both the worlds of Social media as well as SEO.


Author Bio :  Daniel Peterson is a social media expert who is providing tips to increase the Instagram followers. In this Instagram bot article, he is sharing some tips for combining the SEO and the social media techniques.