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Expert Strategies for Boosting Organic Instagram Presence

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instagram presence

Instagram has more than 400 million daily active users and therefore, it is quite an effective platform offering businesses great opportunities for reaching their target audience and new users without investing in advertising. First of all, you must keep posting on a regular basis. Most people post once every day but more successful accounts would be posting even more frequently. You must consider choosing a frequency that you could consistently stick to. Once you start getting questions and comments on your posts, you must remember to respond to each and every one who actually engages with you.

You would be thinking in terms of finding and engaging with other users who post content relevant to your line of work, industry, brand, or business interests. You would be able to identify these users by simply checking hashtags which are associated with your brand or interests. You may find them also by browsing the followers of your top favorites. While engaging with others, you could be effective only when you indulge in something more than just liking or leaving simple generic comments. You must comment in such a manner that people would be motivated to check out your account. If you want to effectively boost your organic Instagram presence, it is about time that you write thoughtful comments that come right from your heart. Here are some effective strategies suggested by professionals for boosting organic Instagram presence.

Boost Your Presence by Promoting on Other Social Media Platforms

Cross promotion is really essential for gaining real Instagram followers. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat or you are running your own blog, you need to indulge in enough publicity about your Instagram account. You need to tell everyone across various social networking platforms that you are also present in Instagram. Cross-promotion is a good way of boosting Instagram organic presence.

You could consider sharing your Instagram username on your other social media accounts. For instance, you could take your Instagram account’s screenshot and then share it on your Facebook account including a link to your own Instagram page. You may even consider sharing your Instagram username directly in your post. You may promote your Instagram account by asking your Facebook friends to follow you.

Incorporate Emojis for Helping People to Find You

On Instagram, Emojis are supposed to be the universal language. As per latest statistics reported by Instagram about 50 percent of all its comments and captions are now accompanied by one or more emojis. Moreover, the fact remains that emojis are essentially searchable on Instagram.

People are able to trace you according to the emoji you use. For instance, if you are a professional photographer and have a camera emoji included in your bio, anybody who is in search of a professional photographer would run a search for a camera emoji and might end up finding you.

Develop a Photo Theme

Instagram is just like a digital magazine so it is essential to use curated content that is built along a common theme. You could consider cropping all your pictures in the same manner, remember posting images with the same subject matter, and consider applying the same filter to all your images.

Use Hashtags for Boosting Organic Presence

Use effective hashtags for showcasing your images to a much larger target audience. You could add as many as 30 hashtags if you wish. Statistics reveal that interactions seem to be the highest in the cases of Instagram posts that have 11 or more hashtags. If you are wondering how to find supplemental hashtags, you could simply use Hashtagify for finding hashtags which are associated with your industry or business.

Compose a Bio Stating Your Purpose Clearly

It is necessary to compose an Instagram bio in a way so that it is able to clearly describe who you are and provide people the motivation to follow you and give them an idea what they could be expecting to see.


Even though it is a highly challenging affair to boost your presence on various social platforms, in reality, Instagram is an incredibly easy platform for gaining an impressive following irrespective of the kind of account you have. The manner in which you go about engaging with your followers on Instagram and the way you inspire and motivate them could boost your organic Instagram presence.

Author Bio: Walter Moore is an experienced and qualified professional in social media integration. He also runs his own blog for aspiring social media professionals. In his recent posts, he has discussed extensively on how to gain real Instagram followers.