How to get quality backlinks

How To Get Quality Backlinks In 2016

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We are in 2016 and you need to know that to get quality backlinks is harder than previous years. In this article i will tell you which are the best ways to get quality backlinks in 2016. I advice you to use all these methods to diversify your backlinks profile. The diversity is really important when you create backlink, you need to have the more natural profile as possible.

My methods to get quality backlinks in 2016 :

Guest Blogging: One of the best way to get quality backlinks, is guest blogging. You can contact webmasters which have a website or a blog in the same niche as your and ask them to post an article with a link to your website. You need to write good articles with revelent content because otherwise, you will not have positives reply.

Social Bookmarking: The social bookmarking backlinks still a good way to publicize your new content to internet users. Plus, it will help you to index your new pages. But with Penguin algo, these backlinks does not give a lot of juice. One of the most known social bookmarking website is Reddit.

Directories: If you want to submit your websites into directories, you have to select them carefully. First, you have to avoid auto approved ones, because they are spammed with porn websites and duplicate content descriptions. Google has penalized many directories because they have poor quality content. So, i recommend you to submit into paid ones which have good quality content in general. And, i also recommend you to submit your website into theme directories.

Social Networks: Social networks does not have direct impact to your rankings. But Google loves websites with social signals, so you can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to have minimum signals on social networks. You can also add share buttons in your articles.

Forums: If you have just launched your website, you can also promote it on forums related with your theme. So you will get backlinks from these forums and you will have traffic. But you need to have a good participation in forums, do not signup just to post your link. Participate and share your knowledge and you will have traffic naturally.

Blogs comment: It’s still a good way to get backlinks, but you need to comment blogs in your niche and do real comment, not bad ones. And you need to know that most of blogs put nofollow for links.

Supplier link: If you have an online store, you can ask to your suppliers to put a backlink to your website on their website. By this way, you will have authority backlinks.

Affiliate program: The same, if you have an online store, you can join or create your own affiliate program. Your affiliates will create backlinks to your products and you will have a lot of backlinks by this way. But if you do this, you have to choose carefully the anchor text that will be used in the backlink of your affiliates.

Web 2.0 Blogs: Another good method, are blogs with Web 2.0 platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Over-Blog and other. You will be able to create a blog and write articles with dofollow backlinks. But i recommend you to post many articles per blog, and with many links (not only links to your website).

Expired domains: You can buy expired domains and use 301 redirect to your own website to get backlinks from the expired domains you just buy. You can find them, if you dont know how to do, you can read my tutorial.

Review websites: You can send your website to review websites (Trustpilot for example), you will have a dedicated page for your website with a backlink to it.

Automated softwares: You can use tools like Gsa Search Engine Ranker to automize a part of your link building, but you should use these tools with caution, because if you dont know how to use them, you can be penalized by Google.

If you use others methods, feel free to let us know by posting in comments.