GSA Search Engine Ranker Step by Step Tutorial

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If you want to know how to use GSA Search Engine Ranker, so this article will help you. I just made a video tutorial to explain how to use GSA SER. Gsa Search Engine Ranker is a software to automate your link building. But you have to know how to use it before using it, because if you dont know, you can do errors and create bad backlinks. GSA can create quality backlinks, and this tutorial will show you how to use it properly. The other plus of this software is that the GSA Search Engine Ranker team update the software every week.

Tools used in this guide:

Here is the GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial:

Transcript of the video

GSA SER Tutorial – Intro :

Hello guys and welcome for this new tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use GSA Search Engine Ranker. This software is a link building software and you will be able to create backlinks for your website.

In this tutorial, we will see how to manage the settings of the software in first part.

In second part, we will see how to create an effective campaign.

And finally, i will teach you how to increase success rate of Gsa Search Engine Ranker.

GSA is a paid software, but you can use my link you see at the bottom to get a reduction. You can also try the software with the trial version.

So let’s go !

GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial – Settings :

Okay so, you have launched the software and you have this window. In this first part, we will see settings of the software. So we click on « Settings » button.

The settings window is divided in five parts.

We have « Submission » in first. In this window, you can set up threads number you want to use. You have to set this option in function of your CPU and number of proxies. For example, if you have 50 proxies, i recommend you to use 100 threads. And the second part of this window, is proxy options.

GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial

Proxies are one of the key to properly use GSA SER. You have to have private or semi-private proxies. I recommend you at least 10 proxies. I use private proxies for Search Engine, and submission. You can use public ones for others options.

You can click on « Configure » button to add your proxies. I really recommend you to disable « Automatically search option » because most of proxies found by this way are bad. For proxies, you can use BuyProxies which offer great proxies for low prices.

Second part is for « Captcha ». As you know, captchas are a real issue for link building. And for GSA you have to have good captchas services or software. I personnally use GSA Captcha Breaker as it is a software and one time fee. It can destroy more than 80% of captchas. And for second, i use Deathbycaptcha, it’s a web service very effictive. Please take note that captcha solving is really important with GSA.

Next, we have « Indexing ». To get effective, a backlink need to be indexed. So you have to set an indexing service. For my part, i use InstantLinkIndexer which it’s very effective. But you can also use GSA SEO Indexer which it’s effective too. If you create backlinks but if they are not indexed, they will not be effective at all.

Now, let’s do « Filter » options. These settings are really important to avoid to create backlinks on bad domains or blacklisted domains. I recommend you to use settings like you can see on my screen.

And finally we have « Advanced » options. The most important setting on this screen is for build site lists. As you know, GSA will find targets to create backlinks. You can save these targets for futur projects. I recommend you to build verified lists.

Okay, we have finished with settings of GSA Search Engine Ranker. We can now create a campaign.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial – Create the campaign :

Now, we can create the campaign. To create the campaign we click on « New » button. On the left part of the screen, we have all platforms supported by GSA. It has many type of platforms, such as Article, Blog Comment, Directory, Web 2.0, Forum, Guestbooks, etc.

The platforms you will select depend of the type of backlinks you want to create. In our example, we want to create quality backlinks. So i right click and Check All and i right click again and i choose « Uncheck Engines that no contextual links ». And you can see that only some platforms are selected.

GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial

So now, we have to fill the settings of the GSA Search Engine Ranker campaign. First screen, is for General Data. You have first to enter you website address. You can use variant URL and root options to varie your backlink.

Second important thing is Keywords. I recommend you to enter your own keywords and uncheck these four options to only use your keywords.

And now the most important part of the screen, the Anchors part. You have to choose here the anchor text for your backlink. You have to use spin syntax like that. To have more natural backlink profiles i recommend you to set up options like that.

Now, we have to enter website data, such as Website title, Category and description. All these options need to be spinned to avoid duplicate content. So you have to enter these information below.

Content settings, a important part in GSA Search Engine Ranker

After you done that, we can go to « Article Manager settings ». As we want quality backlinks, it’s a real important part. You have to enter here your articles you will use for your backlinks. You can add your articles by clicking on this button. I really recommend you to use your own articles. To get better result, you have to insert the backlink directly into the article, like that.

I recommend you to add several articles into your GSA Search Engine Ranker projtect to avoid duplicate content.

Here are options that i use for my projects. I disable « How to link » because i add my backlink directly into my articles. And i insert random authority URL and images.

And of course, i dont want submit the same article many times for one account.

So now we can set up options of the campaign. These settings are primary if you want to create quality backlinks. I dont want GSA create hundreds of backlinks each day so i pause the project after 50 backlinks created. For captchas, i ask all services and choose random.

Other option that i use, is « Send verified link to indexer » to get my backlinks indexed.

GSA SER – Get targets

gsa search engine ranker

Now we have to set how GSA will get the target. We first can filter by country. If you have English website, you select only english language. And only some Search Engines are checked.

If you want to use your own target lists, you can check this option. But for this project, i will let GSA find the targets.

To get only quality backlinks, i unchecked « Allow posting on same site again ». Other option really important is outgoing links on page. I set it at 80 to not get backlinks from spam site. I recommend you to check « Skip sites where these words appear ».

Okay so now we have to set up emails that we will use for our GSA Search Engine Ranker project. In this part, i really recommend you to add your own email address, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or whateved. But you have to have many emails and to change them every week or every two weeks to get better results and best success rate. I also recommend you to set a « Time to wait between two logins », and you can use 600 seconds.

Okay, we have now created the campaign and we can start it. We click on Start button and GSA Search Engine Ranker will create backlinks according our settings.

In the right part of the window, you will have all created and verified backlinks. But you can retrieved them by right click on your project.

And other interesting thing, GSA can manage tiered link building. You can create many tiers to power up your backlink. Let me show you.

Okay guys, this tutorial is over. I hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to use GSA. See ya !

GSA Search Engine Ranker Seo for Tier 1 ?

I really recommend to use GSA Search Engine Ranker for Tier 2 and Tier 3 in priority. You will give juice to your Tier 1 backlinks and give them more power. Nevertheless, you can use GSA Search Engine Ranker for Tier 1 if you good lists with good targets, to avoid Penguin penalty. You can still do GSA Seo but you have to do it intelligently. And if you want to have a better LPM rate on your GSA Search Engine Ranker campaign, you can use lists (tutorial).