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GSA – Use Lists To Increase LPM And Get Better Results

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In this new guide, you will learn how to use the GSA Search Engine software with lists to get the best results. LPM is Links Per Minute, one of the most important indicators to know if your campaign is getting good result. I will show you how to use SERocket lists, which are the best service for GSA lists from my point of view.

Tools used in this guide:

Transcript of the video

Part I – Intro – SERocket as GSA list:

Hello guys and welcome for this new tutorial. In this tutorial we will see how to use lists in GSA Search Engine Ranker to improve success rate. In GSA, the success is symbolize by the LPM (links per minute) indicator.

Lists are an important element if you want to have quality targets and quality backlinks. I have tried many lists providers and for my part i got the best results with SERocket. This service provides lists which are updated every day. You will have two types of list : identified targets and verified targets. I recommend you to use verified list in first time.

As you can see in statistics windows, the two lists have a lot of targets. You have the details here.

The price for this service is really acceptable because all these targets are quality one and you will save a lot of time. And you will have an bonus, an ebook for the best practices with GSA.

Part II – Use the SERocket list in GSA:

So after you bought the lists and download them, you will have to import them into your GSA software.

You have, of course, to launch the software and have your lists in your hard drive. The lists are these two SL files, verified and identified.

We first need to set up the path file in GSA to our list. We click on Options, Advanced and we want to use our Verified list in this example. So we change patch file for Verified and we uncheck it, because we dont want GSA replace our list.

Now, we need to modify our project to use the list. We select our project, and double click on it. And go to options.

We unselect all search engine and we tick « Use Urls from global list » and check verified.

So now, we have made all necessary changes and we can run our project. GSA will use our lists.

Remember that lists are really important for the success rate and to get quality backlinks. SERocket is really the service list that i recommend to you.

Thanks for watching guys, see you later !

PS : You can also import .sl files directly in GSA, to do this you go in Options, Advanced tab and « Tool ». You click on « Import site list » and click on « Verified ». You will have to select your verified list in SL format.