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How To Building Link As A Webmaster

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how to building link

Internet has become so powerful through the links, which allowed search engines to always explore more sites and index them. Internet is like a spider web, and it is thanks to links. As a Webmaster, you want to make links on your website. The principle of a link is to connect together two pages. It is therefore important to use links to facilitate navigation on your website, either in your own pages or to external websites. This article will explain how the principle of building link on a website.

First, an HTML link is built with the tag and takes several attributes. There is the “href” parameter which means the target of the link, ie the web address. There is also the “Title” parameter to give a description to the link. As another important attribute, there is “Target” which allows for example to open the link in a new tab. And there is of course the anchor, ie the word that clickable and will allow access to the link.

An example of link:

<a href=”” title=”SeoRex Blog” target=”_blank”>My website</a>

This link makes it possible to click on “My website” and allows access to the URL and opens in a new tab.

There are two types of links, internal links and external links.

Building Link – Internal

Internal links are used to connect two pages of a website together. For example, there are often internal links in a menu, which presents the various categories of a website. But also, there are also internal links within content, for example to promote articles that may interest the user. This is called Internal Linking. SEO is very important because it can give juice to pages that you wish to highlight. So do not hesitate to use the internal links when you do link building, it will allow your website to have a better navigation.

Building Link – External

External links allow you to link your website to another website. For example, if you have established a partnership with a website, you can make a link to this website. Or if you simply want to offer your visitors websites that seem you interesting. External links are important for SEO. This is one of the criteria used by Google for ranking a website in the SERPS. There are softwares to automatically create backlinks to its website, such as GSA Search Engine Ranker but the software must be used sparingly. I made a tutorial for using GSA, do not hesitate to consult.

A webmaster must building link on its website, it is very important if he wants his website well built and its navigation pleasant to use for visitors. This is something that must be worked on every page so that you can take maximum benefit in terms of SEO.
I hope this article has helped you to understand the issues of links and that you are going to pay more attention to building link on your website. However, careful not too much abuse links, it is advisable not to have more than 80 links on a page.