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Why A Fast Website Is A Good Thing

Since always, speed was a paramount element for Internet sites. The search engines indeed take into account the loading time of the pages of an Internet site for their ranking in the SERP. For example, Google considers that a Web page which puts more than 1.5 seconds to load is a too slow page and is thus […]


What Is A Good Backlink ?

As you know it, the backlinks are essential for the SEO of an Internet site. This article will present the various criteria to you to be taken into account if you want to know what is a good backlink which will be effective for the SEO of your Internet site. First of all, it should be […]

Hand writing Content SEO crossword with marker on transparent wipe board.

Why The Content Is King In SEO

On a website, the content is a critical element because user comes to your website to read your articles and answers to questions that arise. This is why, content, over the years, has become something that we must work diligently. Search Engines, and Google in mind, grant of best sets to website with great content. […]


Scrapebox – Get list of websites

This tutorial will let you know how to use the power of Scrapebox software to obtain thousands of website in connection with the keywords you have chosen. I advise you to watch the previous tutorial to learn like having a huge list of keywords very quickly thanks to this software. Why get lists of websites? […]


Scrapebox – Proxies and Keywords Scraper

This first tutorial devoted to Scrapebox will let you know how important proxies and why to use proxies is an essential thing for the good functioning of Scrapebox. You will also learn how to use the function “Proxy Grabber” which will allow you to directly retrieve loan proxies to be used. Scrapebox, the best scraper […]