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call to action

How To Align Calls To Action With The Website

Here’s the thing, your customers really want to buy. They do. They hear about your product and it gets stuck in their heads. Perhaps they try to rationalize whether they should get it or not but most of the time, the resistance is futile. You do a great job of bringing them to the site […]

meta description

The Power Of Meta Descriptions

A long held belief amongst SEOs is that meta descriptions, on their own, have no bearing on search rankings. I believe that to be the case. But I also believe that well crafted description tags can have significant impacts on click through rates, regardless of were you actually rank. Compelling text shown in the search […]

link backlinks

What Your Links Say About You

Designers have it easy. So do developers, writers, composers or editors. In fact, they are all extremely lucky. They have something to show for their work – a portfolio. A set of designs. Or a working app, bunch of articles, a news jingle. But what about us? What do we have to show for our […]


Pinterest Might Be The Next Go-to Platform For Social Media Advertisers

October 6, 2015 marked the second birthday of Pinterest advertising. It marked one year of Promoted Pins helping some select social media advertisers drive traffic to their website, build loyalty and boost revenues using the visual discovery, collection and storage tool that was launched in the spring of 2010. It also marked the beginning of speculations […]

Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai Review – All Things You Need To Know

Are you looking for the best keyword search tool to do your keyword SEO and analysis? If so, look no further – here it is: Market Samurai! Market Samurai is probably the best keyword search tool available on the market today. It enables you to identify a highly targeted list of keywords relevant to your niche, […]


How Successful SEOs Embrace Marketing & Technical Skills

There are two types of SEOs, and no, I am not referring to the Black Hat and White Hat practitioners. It used to be that online marketing and technical professionals had very different skillsets. Marketers created content. Techies made that content available online. As more companies came to realize the potential of organic visibility, a […]

Google Hummingbird

What is Google Hummingbird And What Does It Mean For Your SEO Efforts?

Coinciding with Google’s 17th birthday last week, a new search algorithm named Hummingbird was rolled out to users. Since then, Hummingbird has been in all the headlines as web professionals attempt to figure out what it is and how it will affect SEO efforts. What Is Hummingbird? Hummingbird is designed for speed and precision. The […]

Affiliate Marketing

How To Clean Up Your Affiliate Marketing Methods

Affiliate marketing programs can run themselves… to a certain extent. Like any marketing program, it needs to be constantly tweaked and improved in order to achieve best results. Here are a few ideas on how you can clean up your act and get the most out of your affiliate marketing. Copy is key As a […]

Social Marketing Plan

Creating The Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan

The year 2016 is already here. The weather is cooler everywhere (except in Australia and countries located in the Southern Hemisphere), and this is the time the brains of digital marketers rev up. The billion dollar query at such a time is how to create a winning social media marketing plan that is perfect for […]

Wicked Article Creator

How To Use Wicked Article Creator

If you want to know how to use the great software Wicked Article Creator, you can read and watch this tutorial i made. Tool used in this guide: Wicked Article Creator Here is the Wicked Article Creator tutorial: Transcript of the video Hello guys and welcome for this new tutorial. In this tutorial, we will […]