Scrapebox – Get list of websites

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This tutorial will let you know how to use the power of Scrapebox software to obtain thousands of website in connection with the keywords you have chosen. I advise you to watch the previous tutorial to learn like having a huge list of keywords very quickly thanks to this software.

Why get lists of websites? Because you are going to get the websites on which you will create backlinks. Ofcourse, it is not about posting blind on all of the websites that you have. Because this would be considered as spam and your website may be penalized by Google.

Scrapebox, the Swiff knife of SEO

Once Scrapebox will have you retrieve a list of internet sites, it will be possible for example to filter the domains in duplicate or check the PageRank for each domain and verify that the domains are still indexed in Google.

Once this work is done, you can post a backlink on internet sites that remain in the list and you will get quality backlinks. I remind you that do especially not use “Auto post” function as this may causes damage to your website.

The “Comment” function of Scrapebox is for use only if you are sure the websites on which you create your backlinks. You can also buy lists of quality websites in order not to make error.

Scrapebox is a very powerful software, but you need to know how to use it to avoid making mistakes.