seo scenario in digital marketing

SEO Scenario 2017 In The Digital Marketing World

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seo scenario in digital marketing

2016 was an eventful year for the field of digital marketing; especially the content marketing industry has shown a tremendous growth in the digital market. SEO Agency and other companies have used Rank Tracking and other SEO tools to take marketing to another level. For a company to take best use of their marketing strategies to take dominance over the industry, it is important to be aware of how search engines are changing. The world of SEO is changing quite drastically each year and if you aren’t able to maintain your pace with these changes, your company is as good as gone.

This is why you should be aware of the latest best digital marketing practices and search engine optimization for the success of your company. You should know what to expect from SEO this year, or basically the SEO trends to be expected in 2017.

AMP by Google: Mobile Optimization

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Program was introduced by Google at the start of 2016. Initially, the concept was hard to grasp. However, the scenario has changed considerably. Under this program, Google leads each page to AMP search results which help to centralize company’s plan. If you haven’t already added the program to your package, you should now. Once you install, validate all AMPs in Google Search Console. Once it is done enable the AMP tracking in the Google Analytics and the work is done.

Local-Based Searches and Demographics-Based Results

It is believed that people will prefer their local results to be a part of their search queries and Google is already venturing into that area. Once demographic results enter into the picture, once can expect that the results fetched will be more relevant to the audience. This will give a benefit to the local marketers in order to grab their intended audience’s attention.

Don’t forget Siri: voice search

Voice search increased incredibly in 2016 and this trend is to continue even in 2017. It has become really popular compared to ordinary search. By far, Google Now, Cortana, Siri have proved to be the best virtual assistant. For an SEO agency, it has become important to make things as better as their customers are getting more comfortable with voice search feature. Thus, it is important that voice search facility is able to recognize your website and guide your customer to it.

Comeback of the Organic SEO

With paid marketing at the runway, SEO strategies are being held with less priority. You can expect more advanced SEO strategies this year. And with budget being closely examines to optimize the returns, you can expect effective SEO plans which will work in your favor.

Quality Content

Many companies have an SEO package. When you find an affordable one, make sure to check for quality content as well since not all SEO companies are equipped with quality content. Your aim is not only to attract the customer but also make them stick with you. This has led to the point of micro-content. You do not want your potential customers to run away because there was a lot to read. If you look at the trend, long contents are no longer engaging. What people are looking for is a website which delivers most with less content.

Data Transparency from Search Engines

More than half of the companies are making use of Google Analytics to measure acquisition, behavior or conversion data for visitors. However, Google has encrypted its Searches; it has taken “data” out of the SEO equation. From the keyword data to link data to traffic data, Google keeps a lot of secrets which is a trend which is not reversing any time soon.

Video on Rise

Youtube; a popular website for videos has become one of the huge search engines today. To optimize your content, adding video to your SEO packages will be a very wise decision to take. Well, we all prefer an HD movie rather than a piece of writing. Thus, if you add anything and everything to your video and make it easily available on Youtube, you are sure to get more viewers and conversions.

Rethink the Use of Keyword within Content

To understand queries and give better results, Google is now using artificial intelligence. Even the search behavior of your audience is changing with more of your target customers using mobile search and voice search assistance. Therefore, it has become important to understand the search intent of your user and structure your content accordingly in order to make best use of the keywords.

Last year brought a lot of growth for SEO and it is believed that the trend for 2017 is to bring more advancement in the already existing tools. In order to maximize your profits, it is important that you constantly follow these SEO trends and inculcate them in your marketing strategy. Go with the flow and add your own innovations or else you’ll be left behind.