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Social Signals

Using Social Signals To Create Sharable Content

Understanding social signals throughout the link building and content development process can help spread your brand influence like wildfire. As SEO, content marketing and social media continue to converge, being able to analyze social signals before and after your content creation can get you on the fast track to building your brand and obtaining relevant, authoritative links. […]


Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

SMM (social media marketing) has proven to be a valuable element of the marketing mix because of its potential for wide reach and high engagement. Among the most important perks you get from efficient use of SMM are brand awareness, website traffics, consumer insights, and influences over your niche. There are, however, certain pitfalls that […]


Is Your Blog Successful? Here Are The Real Metrics To Confirm It

I bet you already know it – blogging helps to grow a business. And even if you’re still uncertain, there are numbers confirming it: Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. 81% of US customers trust advice from blogs. Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. And so on. But chances are that […]

viral content

Viral Content Benefits: A Pin Of Mine Got 500.000+ Impressions

Whoa! A pin of mine went viral on Pinterest with over half a million “impressions” and more than 5.000 repins. Woohoo! Wait a minute. So what? Are there really tangible benefits I can see? Did my audience grow? Did the site linked to get more traffic? Did the Rolling Stone interview me? A down to […]

Social media marketing

Five Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

Social media marketing is here to stay, despite what a few disgruntled experts might say. The only reason why some social media marketers and companies are disillusioned with this concept is because they have yet to achieve success and have no clue how to leverage its power. However, social media marketing along with content marketing […]

Social Media Organic

Why Businesses Need To Get Over Organic Social Media

Since its invention, social media has captivated marketers with the promise of selling products and services by creating social connections with potential customers. Investing in creating lasting relationships with audiences makes good business sense after all. Once relationships have been made, customers turn into brand advocates. You see a decrease in your churn rates, customer […]


5 Things Self-Employed SEOs Think You Must Know Before Going Solo

In 2011, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake severely damaged New Zealand’s second largest city, Christchurch, forcing Steve Webb to abandon his travel plans. And start an SEO agency. Even though it’s rarely accompanied by a similar dramatic turn of events, starting a business is still a risky affair. Very risky, if you ask me. 80% of […]

How to hire a SEO

Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring An SEO

Choosing a search engine optimization agency can be a tricky proposition for many small and medium businesses. Under pressure from constant improvement to Google’s search algorithms, many less reputable SEO’s have been forced to either clean up their act or find another business, but there are still plenty of fly-by-night types out there who will […]

blogging content

Blogging As A Content Strategy For Local SEO? – You’re Doing It Wrong!

I just read a great post by Yousaf Sekander, a local SEO colleague based in the UK. He was speaking about the conundrum faced by many small businesses who’s expertise is in running their business, not in being a blogger and spewing out content to satisfy the search engines and that silly internet mantra of […]

get valuable content

How To Ideate, Create, And Promote Valuable Content To Increase Everything

We’ve all heard the ancient marketing proverb “Content is King”. I would argue that not all content is king. In fact, most content is barely a peon. Only valuable content rules the realm of marketing. The Benefits of Content Marketing Remarkable content marketing can single-handedly carry a business from no name to all-star. It does […]