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Social Signals

Using Social Signals To Create Sharable Content

Understanding social signals throughout the link building and content development process can help spread your brand influence like wildfire. As SEO, content marketing and social media continue to converge, being able to analyze social signals before and after your content creation can get you on the fast track to building your brand and obtaining relevant, authoritative links. […]


Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

SMM (social media marketing) has proven to be a valuable element of the marketing mix because of its potential for wide reach and high engagement. Among the most important perks you get from efficient use of SMM are brand awareness, website traffics, consumer insights, and influences over your niche. There are, however, certain pitfalls that […]

Seo marketer

Effective SEO Tips for Social Media Marketers

The social media and SEO are always inter-connected with each other.  Specially, the visual platform called Instagram influences a lot in the search engine rankings. So it is very essential that the social media professionals know the right ways of marketing to increase the search engine ranks. The Tips Profiles In The SERP:  Though essential […]

Social media marketing

Five Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

Social media marketing is here to stay, despite what a few disgruntled experts might say. The only reason why some social media marketers and companies are disillusioned with this concept is because they have yet to achieve success and have no clue how to leverage its power. However, social media marketing along with content marketing […]

Social Media Organic

Why Businesses Need To Get Over Organic Social Media

Since its invention, social media has captivated marketers with the promise of selling products and services by creating social connections with potential customers. Investing in creating lasting relationships with audiences makes good business sense after all. Once relationships have been made, customers turn into brand advocates. You see a decrease in your churn rates, customer […]

Social networks logins

How Social Logins Help In Understanding Your Customer

What is your favourite method of collecting consumer data? By the end of this post, it will perhaps become social login. By offering customers this convenient method of signing into your website, you will be able to tap the vast pool of useful information that sits on their social media profiles. Did you know that […]


Pinterest Might Be The Next Go-to Platform For Social Media Advertisers

October 6, 2015 marked the second birthday of Pinterest advertising. It marked one year of Promoted Pins helping some select social media advertisers drive traffic to their website, build loyalty and boost revenues using the visual discovery, collection and storage tool that was launched in the spring of 2010. It also marked the beginning of speculations […]

Social Marketing Plan

Creating The Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan

The year 2016 is already here. The weather is cooler everywhere (except in Australia and countries located in the Southern Hemisphere), and this is the time the brains of digital marketers rev up. The billion dollar query at such a time is how to create a winning social media marketing plan that is perfect for […]

Strategy for Twitter

Twitter Strategy – Who To Follow & Auto Tweet Without Spamming

This article gives you the strategy which i use for my Twitter marketing. Who to follow on Twitter ? Before asking yourself who you should follow on Twitter, you should ask yourself the question whether your target audience is on Twitter. Suppose you want to rent out retirement homes, it might be that Twitter is […]


Using YouTube Remarketing To Get Better Leads

We all know YouTube – the video sharing platform, which allows users to search, watch and share a variety of videos. These factors help marketers to advertise their products/services and reach out to a large audience. It’s a simple logic. If videos are well-made, people find them more interesting than written content. In the world […]