What Is A Good Backlink ?

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As you know it, the backlinks are essential for the SEO of an Internet site. This article will present the various criteria to you to be taken into account if you want to know what is a good backlink which will be effective for the SEO of your Internet site.

First of all, it should be known that it is thanks to the backlinks that the search engines can determine the popularity of an Internet site. Although there exist other criteria of popularity, the backlinks are undoubtedly the most important criterion. Google for example polished its algorithm in order to penalize Internet sites misusing techniques to create backlinks of bad quality. This algorithm names “Penguin”.

A good backlink, is a natural one

Thus, when you want to create backlinks towards your Internet site, you must respect certain a number of criteria if you do not want to be penalized by Google.

First of all, a good backlink must be in dofollow, so that its juice circulates to your Internet site. If the backlink is in nofollow, then it will not be taken into account for your SEO.

Then, a good backlink must be if possible in the same set of themes as your Internet site. If you have a blog which speaks about cooking, then it is advised to have backlinks coming from sites also speaking about cooking.

It is also necessary to take into account the authority of the domain name on which you will create your backlink. You can check the authority of an Internet site with tools like Ahrefs. Afterwards, you must also have backlinks coming from domain with weak authority, because a natural profile has backlinks coming from any type of domain.

Lastly, you must make sure that your backlink is well indexed in the search engines. You can test that for example on Google using the command “site:” and you will see your backlink thus indexed or not.